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SKC is a non governmental, non profit making youth oriented volunteer organization. We perform variety of services including humanitarian functions, Task-oriented programs which are driven by members


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How We Started

Team SKC was founded in 2015 to build a family of vibrant and dynamic youths, to impact our immediate environment as well as for the development of the nation as a whole.

Right from inception, the team aimed to organize custom-made events and seminars with youths in different socio-political and geographical locations irrespective of their tribe or religion. This is to provide a common platform for youths all over Nigeria and Diasporas, which will eventually have a rapid and positive effect on the nation’s development.


Help young people maximize their full potential.


Focus is given to the youths because of our vibrancy, dynamism, and courage. Also, the youths are the largest class in society. Consequently, when we are united, we can together efficiently make decisions that will yield effective results.

With a motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to the faces of anyone who comes our way. This is why we organize custom-made events, seminars, training and workshop programs, community services, and a host of other development programs. We also meet quarterly to celebrate, recognize and award outstanding members and have a good time together.

Feed a Street Child

This is an initiative of Team Skc. A gesture to show love, care, and support for kids living on the street also a gesture for the betterment of the society. This has been a yearly event for more than 3 years in a row. This program is scheduled to hold between September and December in 2022. The precise date will be further communicated. Please stay connected.


Our achievements

– Consistently supporting orphanage homes within reach since 2018

– Sensitisation during period of covid -19 breakout.

– Provision of food for more than 500 kids on the Street (2019) in Ibadan, Oyo state capital with major funds from donations.

– Eventful celebration, recognition of distinguished personalities and special talents.

– Established the program Feed A Street Child (FASC) that has fed over 5000 kids in four years.

– Provision of basic daily needs and support of individuals at Oyo rehabilitation centre in 2021.



team skc feed a street child

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Feed the street child team skc AC
Feed the street child team skc AC
Feed the street child team skc AC
Feed the street child team skc AC
Feed the street child team skc AC
Feed the street child team skc AC

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What do we do?

We are dedicated to promoting of youths, their development including business and event support.

What do I stand to gain if I join?

Good exposure for business and personal development and support from the community.

How do you fund your projects?

Through donations from community and public members.

How is my money spent when I donate to your organization?

Your money goes directly towards the project you’ve donated for as indicated in the details of your donation.

Will FASC become a registered trademark for NGO duties in future?

Yes. It is our long term goal which we aren’t financially capable of achieving as at today, but we are hopeful.


Why should I donate to support FASC?

Kindly donate to FASC because it is an incredible organisation. We have over 3 years dedicated ourselves to helping kids from the street and giving them some hope and assurance for a better future. Donating to our organisation is an opportunity for you to show kindness to humanity.

How can I be a member?

 Join our social media platforms especially our WhatsApp group using the link and kindly introduce yourself immediately.

How do I partner with you?

 Kindly Contact us through our official page, email or contact form on this page to discuss about it.

What do we do

We are dedicated to promoting of youths, their development including business and event support.

What are your Short term and long term goals?

Support for small business among members.

Expansion of charitable events.

Partner with businesses and job creation for community members based on their input in the community


How can I get involved?

Join the community, donated for charitable events, and bring business opportunities to the community with is filled with talented, skilled, and qualified members.

What are you; an NGO or Social Group?

A business organisation that also organizes charitable events.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.


Liberty Road, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Call Us: (234) 814 475 5676

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