“You can’t plant the seed and watch the flower bloom on the same day” -Anusmita Mukherjee

Twiddle in my sobriety

This collection denotes the presence of soundness in my thoughts, its perspectives and varied diversities

The omnificent

A combination of unlimited dynamism in style, creative ideas and unity in communication of ideas to tell stories about the journey of life of a young man whose sole priority is to live an expressive life. This collection will have 30 unique 1/1s artworks which are originally created. A comic book will be launched after selling out this project and all collectors will get a free digital comic book. You can request for HD Jpeg of your purchased art using the unlockable content.

Colourful Expressionism

With unique stories; figurative expressions and interesting colours, this collection connects with everyone. The aim is to expand beyond limitations, and allow everyone access to this project. The first 10 collectors receives free pieces from my 3rd collection titled ” Freedom, strokes and lines”.

Freedom, Lines and Strokes

A collection of 80 drawings available with the intent to spread beauty, love and joy of artistic expressions. This collection combines pencil, pen, digital and charcoal drawings creatively. 10 holders of colourful expressionism gets a free piece each while other 70 pieces are to be purchased.