“Creativity is nothing but a mind set free” -Torrie T. Asai

My portfolio consists of many of my works. They showcase the following:
Medium or materials used (e.g. oil paint, watercolour, charcoal, sculpture, mixed media)
Style or genre (e.g. realism, abstract, impressionism, pop art, street art)
Subject matter (e.g. landscapes, portraits, still life, abstract expressionism)
Techniques or processes used (e.g. brushwork, layering, perspective, composition)
Exhibitions or shows (e.g. solo shows, group shows, juried exhibitions, art fairs)
Awards or accolades (e.g. grants, fellowships, residencies, prizes)
Artistic influences (e.g. historical artists, contemporary artists, cultural or regional influences)
Social or political themes (e.g. activism, social justice, environmentalism)
Professional experience or collaborations (e.g. freelance work, public art projects, commissions, collaborations with other artists or organizations)

Thekingiszy art: the Omnificient
A page from Zara Kruck: The seeker Illustrated by thekingiszy
Sofia Commission painting
Book cover of kid's story
animated Character developed by thekingiszy