“Art must take reality by surprise” -Francoise Sagan

Roman Forte

The ancient Romans were known for their impressive military prowess and engineering skills, which were reflected in the construction of their forts and fortresses. Roman forts were strategically built to protect the empire from invading forces and to control territories.

Roman forts were typically constructed using stone and brick and were designed to withstand attacks from both land and sea. They were usually square or rectangular in shape and were surrounded by walls, towers, and gates, with the main gate being heavily guarded. The interior of the forts contained barracks, storehouses, and stables for the soldiers, as well as administrative buildings, workshops, and bathhouses.

In addition to their military function, Roman forts also served as administrative centers and were often located near major roads and trade routes, allowing them to maintain control over commerce and trade. The presence of a Roman fort also brought a sense of security and order to the surrounding area, and many forts became thriving communities, with markets, temples, and even theaters being built within their walls.


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Wise words

Wise words are priceless. They are one of the greatest form of passing knowledge and history of mankind.

Wise words

The Roman empire had incredible plans while building their forte. They used some of the finest ideas to build structures that works in the ancient world.

Some ruins of this ancient buildings have been found in the recent world. The ancient world has surely set a great foundation of knowledge which has been improved on. There has been many excavations of ancient artefacts.

Hirschberg Attila and the excavation of the Roman forte in Dunakeszi (Now an exhibition site) has more information about the ancient history between the Romans and Barbarians.